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Many Restaurants have realized the benefits of using Rinnai’s Tankless Water Heating Technology. Read our case studies to learn how switching from a boiler or traditional tank storage system to Rinnai has created endless hot water allowing our customers to greatly reduce their capital, operation and life cycle costs while simultaneously providing redundancy and saving space.

GWCC Installation


Corner Rack Installation

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A nearly 40 percent reduction in gas consumption translated into big savings on each store’s energy bills – a perk that any business owner can appreciate.

Charter Foods Case Study:

Charter Foods Image

Because Rinnai’s C199 Tankless unit could be installed in the ceiling of the building, it created new usable space where the old tank system stood. Read More 


Applebee’s Case Study:

Tomato House C199 Installation


“The Demand Duo unit has been supplying hot water for six months. It’s proven that if can meet every need of the facility, even on the busiest days.” Read More