CX Model Commercial Tankless Water Heating

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The Next Generation of Commercial Water Heating Solutions

Commercial-Grade performance and reliability your business can depend on.

The condensing CX Models achieve the highest standards of reliability and efficiency. This efficient tankless water heater comes standard on the Tankless Rack System and is also available in individual units.


Outdoor Vent Cap easilty adapts to any SENSEI CX Series model for outdoor installations providing the ultimate in SKU flexibility. (Sold separately)

Rinnai's proprietary Adaptive Gas Valve Technology adjusts to eather Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Gas for optimal combustion. - NO conversion kit required.

Allows you to connect your smart phone or tablet to the SENSEI CX Series via Bluetooth. Use the Rinnai Central App for quick, simplified tankless water heater set-up and registration, significantly reducing your installation time.

CX Models

Get a custom solution and a professional installation for your business from our Rinnai experts.