A hotel property's reputation can hinge on providing uninterrupted hot water to their guests.

Rinnai is the choice for hotel owners and operators that demand unsurpassed performance, reliability and low cost of ownership.

Featured Video Case Study:

Omni La Costa, Carlsbad CA

This popular golf and spa destination was experiencing issues with getting hot water to guests during the early stages of the pandemic when it wasn’t even near full capacity. According to Engineering Director Gonzalo Hernandez, the aging boiler system at the 400-acre, 600 guest room resort was beginning to” take a toll on our guest satisfaction, so we decided to look at a Rinnai tankless system that had been successfully deployed at another Omni property.”

Since contractor Retrofit Technology installed multiple Wall-Hung Racks and Demand Duo’s from Rinnai, the results have been startling. “Guest complaints have disappeared, we no longer have expensive boiler repair costs, and our energy savings in year one is over $135,000,” said Gonzalo. We are extremely happy with the redundancy, reliability, and savings we receive after installing Rinnai.”

Featured Video Case Study:

Westgate Resorts, Orlando FL

Westgate Resorts in Orlando has 2,166 units in multiple buildings spread throughout the property. Terry Gallardo, Westgate Assistant Director of Engineering, saw how well tankless worked in for a commercial laundry with 250 lb. washing machines and thought it would work well in a hotel environment. Now Rinnai Tankless Racks are saving substantial amounts of energy savings with superior modulation that only heats the amount of water required at any given moment and never runs out of hot water.

The Best Hot Water Solution for Hotels

Bimal Patel, President of Rolling Hills Hospitality

Bimal Patel owns and operates over 15 properties in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Bimal has over twenty years’ experience in the hospitality and food and beverage industry and is constantly looking for ways to differentiate his business from the competition and deliver the best possible experience and value for his guests.

Cost Savings

Are Tankless Systems a Good Value for your Business?

Tankless provides a total cost of ownership that other hot water systems can't touch- lower energy bills, less water consumption, utility rebates, longer lifer and easier maintenance and repair. For a free, 100% guaranteed hot water system sizing.


Does Rinnai Tankless Meet the Hot Water Demands of Hospitality?

Not having adequate hot water can ruin the guest experience and result in lost business and bad online reviews. Rinnai's quality, reliability, and ability to meet any size demand sets it apart from other less efficient forms of water heating.


Do you Save on Energy Costs using Tankless?

Rinnai’s Commercial Tankless Systems turn on one tankless unit at a time as demand ramps up and turn off again as demand ramps down. This significantly reduces energy consumption when compared to boiler or tank type systems that heat and re-heat stored water.

24/7 Service

How do you Benefit from using Rinnai's Commercial Provider Network?

Rinnai's National Accounts Program has hundreds of Commercial Service Providers throughout North America, available 24/7/365 so you never experience any downtime, and your hot water system is always up and running smoothly. Click to find out more about Rinnai's
commercial services through the National Accounts program.


Does Tankless Work in your Cold Weather Climate?

Rinnai tankless works well even in the coldest of ground water environments (below 40 degrees F) and will never run out of hot water. Tank type water heaters on the other hand, may struggle in cold weather climates because once a tank is depleted, it takes time for it to recover and re-fill with hot water.


Does the Redundancy of Tankless give you peace of mind?

Rinnai's tankless technology delivers optimal redundancy and eliminates the possibility of downtime. For example, six tankless units can equally share the load and function as one hot water source. If one unit needs to be serviced, you still have 84% of your hot water system operational.

Health and Safety

Do you feel Tankless provides Protection against Legionella?

Tankless technology can be a valuable cornerstone to any hotel’s water management plan to mitigate Legionella. Rinnai’s commercial tankless units eliminate the need for storage tanks and creates hot water on demand and at temperatures that are inhospitable for Legionella.

AECoE Application Engineering

AECoE Application Engineering

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Rinnai Application Engineers are available to provide quotes, size your system and provide designs for your specific project.

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Halekulani Hotel Case Study

Case Study | Halekulani Hotel

Waikiki, Hawaii

Nestled on the shores of Waikiki, Hawaii, a tranquil, elegant sanctuary has welcomed guests for more than a century. Halekulani – which means “house befitting heaven” – is just that: a place where every need is anticipated and gracious hospitality abounds

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