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We have pre-populated the hybrid electric heat pump water heater retail value and installation costs based on similar models available for sale through e-commerce.

Your local costs may very so adjust the values for your situation.


Average Energy Rate

Below is the national average energy rate. You can change the rate based on your local utility bill.


The national US average energy rate based on the Department of Energy is $0.137/kWH. Your rate may vary.

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Rebates and Incentives

Select possible local rebates and/or incentives to include in your project calculation.

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Total Savings for a Hybrid Electric HPWH

Initial Project Investment

Hybrid Water Heater

Electric Tank Water Heater

Annual Energy Operating Costs

Hybrid Water Heater

Electric Tank Water Heater

Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater – Return on Investment

Lifetime Savings

Annual Energy Savings

Return on Investment (ROI)

REHP50 hybrid water heater

Initial Investment and Lifetime Return Savings calculations are based on project cost (product + installation costs) of 50-gallon models minus estimated tax credits and rebates. Estimated federal tax credit is calculated as 30% of project cost. Default water heater prices do not include tax or delivery fees. Rinnai America Corporation is not responsible for tax and rebate filing. Consult with a tax advisor and your local utility company for complete filing and eligibility requirements.

The calculations are based on a 50-gallon Hybrid Electric Water Heater (HPWH) and a 50-gallon standard Electric Tank Water Heater and both having a 9 year warranty. The minimum kWH used in the Energy Savings calculation is based on the Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Guide label of like models that are readily available for purchase on the Internet. The minimum kWH used in the calculation for the Hybrid Electric Water Heater (HPWH) is 864 kWH. The minimum kWH used in the calculation for the Electric Tank Water Heater is 3,493 kWH.

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