Venting & Accessories

Rinnai offers the most flexible set of venting options for our tankless water heaters in the industry, along with a full set of additional accessories that allow you to customize your tankless or boiler system for your home.

Concentric Venting

Allows intake air and exhaust gas to flow through one pipe, requiring only one penetration through the wall or roof. The snap-fit connections eliminate the wait time of setting and curing, making installations quicker. A secure seal endures expansion and contraction from temperature fluctuations, which mitigates the risk of stress fractures over time.

  • This solution is available in 3" X 5" diameter for HE and HE+ models.
  • Rinnai also offers a 2" X 4" diameter concentric venting solution for condensing tankless water heaters and I-Series condensing boilers. This smaller solution uses less material and significantly reduces expense.

2" PVC, CPVC, or PP

Available for use with Rinnai condensing tankless water heaters and I-Series boilers. This provides a simple and affordable option for long vent runs.

Product Accessories

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Professional Installation Recommended

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Compatible Tankless Models

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Compact, powerful units that can deliver hot water in up to six places around your home.

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Offering the highest output of our condensing line of tankless units best for larger homes.

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