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There are a lot of tankless myths out there being spread by people unfamiliar with the technology. Luckily, plenty of PROs
know about these misconceptions and are here to tell the Tankless Truths.

Matt Risinger is a nationally recognized expert in building science and high-performance construction. He knows all about tankless myths and speaks the Tankless Truths.

Eric Aune is a skilled Minnesota-based Master Plumber and mechanical contractor. He has over twenty years of experience working, teaching, and running his own small heating and plumbing business.

The Myths About Tankless

Because we’re constantly innovating, even some pros may be unaware of our improvements that are redefining tankless performance and industry expectations. We’re out to change all the common misperceptions about tankless water heaters.

Tankless Myth 1
Myth #1

Tankless doesn't work with cold inlet temperatures.

The Tankless Truth is, our water heaters will deliver 5 gallons per minute with 40-degree groundwater, equal to running three showers simultaneously. 

Tankless Myth 2
Myth #2

Tankless water heaters are more expensive to purchase and install.

The Tankless Truth is, the cost of installing a non-condensing tankless water heater is the same as or less than the cost of a tank. 

Tankless Myth 3
Myth #3

Venting is too expensive on tankless water heaters.

The Tankless Truth is, we’ve made venting affordable. 

Tankless Myth 4
Myth #4

Tankless is more expensive to maintain than tanks.

The Tankless Truth is, maintenance for our tankless water heaters is not more expensive than a tank. 

Tankless Myth 5
Myth #5

Tankless water heaters don’t respond quickly to high demand.

The Tankless Truth is, we offer tankless water heaters with built-in circulation pumps that deliver hot water to your fixtures quickly and efficiently. 

Tankless Myth 6
Myth #6

Stainless steel heat exchangers are better.

The Tankless Truth is, stainless steel is not always the best material to use for your tankless water heater’s heat exchanger.

Tankless Myth 7
Myth #7

Tankless means upgrading your gas line.

The Tankless Truth is, in many cases, you don’t need to upgrade your gas supply line when going tankless.

Tankless Myth 8
Myth #8

Tankless is a new tech that is unproven.

The Tankless Truth is, our tankless water heaters see two decades (and more) of service while many tanks are getting replaced in eight to 12 years. 

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