Ensure They'll Never Wait for Hot Water

Recirculation accessories enable your customers to have hot water, faster, when they need it. Solutions include tankless water heaters with built-in pumps or units that can have a pump added. Homes with no dedicated return line can have a thermal bypass valve added to the cold water line for recirculation.

Recirculation solutions available in Rinnai HE+ and SE+ Series tankless water heaters.

Affordable solutions available that do not require the addition of a dedicated return line.

Recirculation can be controlled via app, smart home devices, push button, scheduled timers, or motion sensors.

Recirculation Customer Benefits

Waiting for hot water can be frustrating, costly, and wasteful for customers. Recirculating technology eliminates the wait, so hot water is always at the ready. Our technology permits this even if your customers' homes do not have a dedicated return line.

Recirculation with ThermaCirc360®

If your customer’s home does not have a dedicated return line, Rinnai's SE+ Series featuring ThermaCirc360® technology can offer faster hot water without adding an additional line. This technology allows for the simple installation of a thermal bypass valve at the fixture farthest away from the water heater. Once installed properly, the unit temporarily uses the cold water line for recirculation.

Recirculation Accessories

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Compatible Tankless Models

RUR SE+ Series


SE+ SERIES Condensing

Compact, powerful units that can deliver hot water in up to six places around your home.

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HE+ SERIES Non-Condensing

Offering Wi-Fi monitoring and recirculation technology for ultimate performance.

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