Multifamily Housing

Rinnai Commercial Water Heating Solutions are a perfect fit for multi-family property owners looking for significant savings on their energy consumption and costs. In addition, space savings can also free up space allowing for more net usable space for other purposes. With multiple tankless units, redundancy allows for service and maintenance without shutting the entire system down.

The Rinnai system can deliver hot water simultaneously to multiple water sources inside each residential unit. Safe and virtually maintenance-free, Rinnai features a range of user-friendly digital controllers that facilitates both advanced system monitoring and selection of the desired water temperature. Ideal for multi-family properties, they can be installed individually in each tenant unit or in multiples for delivery to a holding tank.

That's why for decades, a full spectrum of commercial applications - from retrofit to new construction and light to heavy - have trusted Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters. Because the system configures to your needs and to every kind of space, Rinnai’s  state-of-the-art, energy-efficient technology delivers hot water only when water flow is detected – resulting in an endless supply of hot water.

Rinnai systems requires minimal installation space and can be wall mounted indoors or outdoors – a huge benefit for energy conversion or new construction applications. And it uses a unique concentric venting system so that only one penetration needs to be made for both intake air and exhaust, maximizing both safety and space usage.

Introducing The Worry-Free Hot Water Program

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Interesting Case Studies

Island West Apartments

By Island West Apartments replacing their heat pump system with Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters, they were able to save apartment owners significantly on replacement and energy costs. Learn More...

Island West Apartments Rinnai Tankless Bank

Riverbend at Lansdowne Woods Community

Riverbend replaced their Domestic Steam Boilers (before) with Rinnai Tankless Rack System (after). Learn More...

Riverbend Multifamily Before and After Photos

We are very enthusiastically invested in our new Rinnai Racks and how they have transformed our domestic hot water system while already reducing our operating costs.” — CRAIG MAGARGEL, BUILDING MANAGER AT RIVERBEND