Replacing high-efficiency yet outdated traditional tank water heaters with the Rinnai Demand Duo® Commercial Hybrid System helped the Hilton Garden Inn meet the needs of hotel guests while reducing operating costs.

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Peachtree City, Georgia

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The number one priority for hotel owners and managers is to ensure the happiness of their guests – and unfortunately, one quick way to ruin a guest’s stay is to provide them with a cold shower. Consequently, having a consistent, reliable source for all of a property’s hot water needs – including guest rooms, the hotel kitchen and the facility’s in-house laundry – is essential for success in the hospitality industry.

Recognizing The Need For Change

Historically, the Hilton Garden Inn in Peachtree City, Ga. relied on four high-efficiency tank water heating units to supply the property with the hot water it needed. However, with those units nearing the end of their life, hotel owner Bob Patel decided to explore other water heating options. While most of the 93 guest rooms received hot water in a satisfactory fashion, the hotel experienced issues with getting hot water in the rooms farthest from the tank units; plus, the property’s utility bills seemed higher than they should be, so there was a desire to see if additional energy efficiencies could be achieved. 


Patel found the Rinnai Demand Duo® Commercial Hybrid System’s 6-year warranty extremely appealing and soon engaged the Rinnai Applications Engineering Center of Excellence to review the facility’s piping and recirculation system. The Rinnai team discovered that the hotel’s recirculation system was running 24/7, wasting energy and shortening the life of the water heaters.

I'm happy with Rinnai's Demand Duo Water Heaters. It's nice to have a water heating partner that cares so much about its customer. I am now using Rinnai products in all of my properties.

— Bob Patel, Hilton Garden Inn, Peachtree City, Owner

The Rinnai Advantage for Demand Duo Commercial Hybrid System

  • Warranty: 6 years heat exchanger/tank, 5 years parts and up to 2 years labor*
  • Built standard with C199 Commercial Tankless Water Heater
  • Commercial ENERGY STAR® certified with 96% Thermal Efficiency
  • Ultra Low NOx compliant
  • 199,000 BTU
  • First Hour Rating: 338 gal / Recovery: 231 gal (@ 100°F ΔT) ‡
  • Ability to install multiple Demand Duo® Commercial Hybrid Systems together to create redundancy
  • Ability to tie into a building management system with the DPS/MIS accessory

Cutting Costs & Extending Life

After evaluating the hotel’s hot water needs and current system, Rinnai recommended installing four Demand Duo units to supply hot water to the guest rooms and kitchen area, along with an RUC98iN tankless unit to supply the laundry area. Rinnai also suggested an aquastat be placed on the recirculating pump to allow the pump to stop when not needed, reducing operating costs and extending the life of the water heaters.


The installer who installed all of the Rinnai units at the Hilton Garden Inn, found the Demand Duo units required no extra installation time over what he would have spent had he installed new tank water heaters: “The Demand Duo installed easy, and were the perfect replacement solution.”  

The Rinnai Advantage

  • Endless supply of hot water
  • Built-in redundancy – never experience downtime during peak business hours
  • Ability to service without system shutdowns
  • Save money – installation, maintenance and operational cost savings
  • Save space – no tanks needed
  • Green – lower CO2 emissions

Realizing The Benefits

Given that the Demand Duo units feature twice the warranty of the hotel’s previous tank system, the property anticipates seeing a reduced cost of ownership. Also, thanks to the optimizations made to the plumbing system by the Rinnai engineering team, the Hilton Garden Inn in Peachtree City is already realizing lower utility costs to the plumbing system.


Patel is thoroughly pleased with his decision to change to Rinnai. “I’m happy with Rinnai’s Demand Duo water heaters. It’s nice to have a water heating partner that cares so much about its customer. I am now using Rinnai products in all my properties.”


For more information on commercial water heating solutions, maintenance services  and a free sizing consultation by Rinnai Applications Engineers, call 866-383-0707 or visit

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